Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Cost increase and decrease

The cost of olive oil has gone down and the cost of coconut oil as gone up. Both increase and decrease is equal to each other leveling out to our cost of making the same being the same as before the change. Customer cost on the purchase of our soaps will remain the same.

This makes me happy, considering the cost of living seems to be going up quickly these days. I have resorted to going to the post office once a week rather than Monday, Wednesday and Friday, due to the price of gas in my area being 4.13 a galon.

I am hoping the prices of our Butters, Oils and Sodium Hydroxide will remain the same so I will not have to raise our prices on our soap. I like keeping our soaps at a competitive price that is affordable for my customers, but fair enough for me to make a profit. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

a Day Late but WTH?

I Know it's a day late, but WTH?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sweeney Todd

If you were going to kill somone, what better way to hide the evidence or the body than to feed it to people.

I remember reading a story in English Lit. about a woman who had killed her husband with a frozen leg of lamb, then put it into the oven to slow roast. She went to the store and perfected her distraut act of coming home from shopping to find her husband beat to death, and called the police.

The entire plot of the story was how the cops were completely puzzled at who could have killed a man with a fatal blow to the head with a mysterious murder weapon. Left baffled and hunting for the murder weapon, the leg of lamb was served to the officers on duty, little did they know the murder weapon they hunted for was right under their noses, litterally. lol

I watched Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd last night with Bug. He had told me some about the story before, and I thought the English are really twisted people. I wasn't expecting the movie to be a musical, so I was a bit skeptical. I love musicals in good taste , but who would have imagined, the store of Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of fleet street would be portrayed in a musical of sorts??? Not I... but I have to admit, I liked it and watched it again.

The story is based on the true story of sweeney todd, who killed people in his barber chair and dropped their lifeless bodies down a shoot into the lower chamber of the building, where they were made into meat pies and sold to customers. Sick! Twisted! But effective.

Not that I have a plot to murder anyone, but I would suppose the best way to kill some one and hide the evidence or the body than to feed it to people.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Well I have the kids ready for church, and as I was talking their pictures with the baskets I made for them, Neena, the little lamb, decides to throw her usual temper tantrum as I take pictures. I captured the memory... ugh! and here is the evidence, that my angel has little horns. It never fails. What on earth would I do if I had more children???? Well, hopefully she will be decent during service today.

More later...


Saturday, March 22, 2008

Give me 10!!

Bug and I watched License to Wed last night and it made me stop and ponder something. During one of their "counceling" sessions where the groom was playing burn out with the rev. he asked him why he loved his fiance.
I noticed, alot of people have the same first answer, "he/she" is gorgeous, beautiful etc.
Is that any reason to LOVE someone? I thought about, what if someone asked me, why I love bug. Would I have a good answer? I decided yes, I would, reason being, is because for the last two years, I have written an entire "Love Journal" with him, where we both write down reasons we love each other and why we're happy together, as a memory book sort of thing.
I think, anyone who is seriously in love with another person, enough they want to get married or spend a life time with each other, should have countless reasons they love the other, but a good start is having at least 10 good reasons on hand, excluding, He/she is beautiful or sexy, because the last thing you want to love someone for is their body, looks and sex, because years down the road, when that's aging, what will you have as a foundation for your relationship?
here is my ten reasons I love him and want to spend the rest of my life with him.
1. I love the way he treats me with love and respect as an individual and consideration for my wants, desires, feelings and opinions. :)
2. He listens to everything I say, even when it's silly or a pointless random thought, he's all ears.
3. I love the fact that there hasn't been a single day pass that he has failed to tell me he loves me, several times and means it everytime!
4. I love the fact that he likes to cook with me, and we enjoy the time together, even if the meal is a flop, it was worth the effort just because it was a mutual screw up. Most of the time it's good eats though! haha
5. I appreciate the way he takes pride in what he does, and he will try any thing at least once.
6. I love the way he smiles when I catch him staring at me when I've done something quirky.
7. I love his silly quirky side, it makes even the worst days a day of bliss, just because he is in my life.
8. I love the way he smells when he's worked hard and his deoderant has started to wear thin. That means he works hard, and to me, that is dead sexy!
9. I love the way he loves our daughter, but how he loves my two oldest even though they aren't his. He is fair to everyone and to me that admirable.
10. I LOVE the fact that he defends my honor.
AND, He's freaking HOT!!!! :)

I Heart Cupcakes

You know I LOVE cupcakes. I made some cupcakes for the kids for easter tomorrow. Bug, my love, found a great cream cheese frosting recipe from Wilton. Delicious Frosting and easy to work with. It's sweet and rich, and pipes very well. I used an M2 decorating tip and piped the icing on top of carrot cake cupcakes. I colored coconut flakes with Wilton Food Coloring Spray. That worked pretty well. I topped the iced cupcakes with the colored coconut flakes and added jelly beans to the top of each to looks like easter eggs and easter grass. They are cute, and tasty, and the kids LOVE THEM. I made four dozen, so that should be enough for the church pot luck tomorrow.

I am really excited about this easter, probably the most excited I have ever been. I get the kids this holiday, so I get to take them to church this sunday. I'm thankful because he has them on the weekends, and I usually only get to take them on Wednesday nights. It's important for me to get to take the kids to church, because I want them to be taught how to live a christian life, and to understand the bible.

well off to bed... love and peace.

New Phone

So last week Sprint had some issues, and everyones service was down. By evening everyone else I know with sprint had thiers fixed but mine was still stupid.

Currently, I am still sharing a phone with my ex husband, because it takes so long to get things seperated with a divorce, hopefully that will be handled soon, I mean, crud, we just got the 401K plan handled. But, he refused to call and get it fixed for a few days. Finally , he decided to do it so the kids wouldn't be without a phone. As long as it is me wanting or needing something he refuses to bother, but if it's for the kids, he MIGHT do it. I still have to twist his arm.

After a long phone call and nothing working, I decided to take the phone in to the sprint store here and have them look at it. Sprint's Tech support promised me a call within 24 hours, and three days later, they still hadn't called. Well, they looked at the phone and determined I needed a new phone. Big shocker there. My phone is two years old, and it just seems to me, to convienant that the phone misteriously broke and stopped working when their network is down. Guess it could happen. I fortunately had a $150.00 credit on my account for a new phone, and still spent over $100.00 on a LG Rumor.

Nice phone, more convienant for my text messaging. I was pissed to have to put the money out right then, considering, we really don't have it to spend right now. We're not making much on the business yet, and he's still on Comp and looking for work.

Stress seems to be a major factor in life in general, but lately, it has gotten so bad, I'm having trouble sleeping, and NO trouble eating. UGH! I stress, I eat!

I spent over an hour putting in about 28 of my 100 contacts in my phone book, and I am still working on that. Sometimes I don't think I will ever get caught up on anything. lol